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Wednesday 15th July 2020

Today's Wake Up Wednesday is focused on Age Appropriate apps. The guide shown below recommends educational and 'just for fun' apps for various age groups.

Remember, you can join National Online Safety for FREE using our link and registering as a parent/carer:


Wednesday 8th July 2020

It's Wake Up Wednesday again!

When we did our Online Safety at Ashton survey, we asked parents if they are aware of the online risks to their children. DID YOU KNOW THAT THERE ARE 24 AREAS OF RISK TO CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE ONLINE? These include but are not limited to:
* Online Relationships
* Overspending
* Fake Profiles and Social Bots
* Online Bullying
* Online Grooming
* Live Streaming
* Online Identity
* Screen Addiction
* Online Challenges
* Online Gambling and Skin Betting
* Hacking
* Fake News
* Online Fraud
and many more!
National Online Safety have short (around 5 minutes) explainer videos on each of the 24 areas of risk and you can access them by signing up for FREE using the link:
Please sign up and access these videos. They are very informative and so important in today's online world.


As a result of lockdown, internet use by all age groups has surged. Consequently, there has been an increased risk to children and young people. In a study, 81% of 12-15 year olds asked had been exposed to some form of potentially harmful internet interaction.

90% of posts reported to Facebook and Twitter for fake news in relation to COVID-19 remain online. These include posts about fake cures, conspiracy theories and more.

Android users are being urged to delete on app called Snaptube, which is used to upload content to Facebook and other social media sites. So far in 2020, 32 million fraudulent transactions have taken place through this app. If you are an Android user, lease check to see if you have the app and delete it.

This week's guides focus on How to Spot Fake News and Protecting Personal Data.