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School Day

The school day at Ashton


  Reception & Key Stage 1 Key Stage 2
Start of the day 8.55am 8.55am
Lunchtime 11.55am-1.05pm 12.10pm-1.00pm
End of the day 3.15pm 3.15pm

School begins at 8.55; therefore we ask that pupils arrive at school no later than 8.50 a.m. Please try to be punctual as late arrival disrupts the class and your child may miss out on valuable activities. Children can come into the Infant hall from 8.40 a.m. to take part in our Sally Seal Club. Here they can take part in activities before the school day begins. There is no charge for this facility we just ask that you arrive promptly at 8.40 a.m.

If your child needs to be dropped off at school before 8.40 a.m., there is a registered Breakfast Club. Children are provided with breakfast and activities, under supervision, for a small charge.

Please see the Before and After School Club page for more information.