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Our Curriculum Intent 


At Ashton Primary, through our ‘My Personal Best’ drivers - Thinking Me, Social Me and Healthy Me our school community have identified key values on which are the foundations to our ethos and curriculum.

Thinking me:  Curiosity    Problem-solving Concentration

Social me:   Respect    Empathy    Cooperation 

Healthy me:   Resilience     Self-belief   Responsibility

Our inclusive approach is built on foundations of equality, diversity and ambition. We inspire, engage and provide enriching opportunities for every child to develop their personal strengths, character and skills across all areas so they can achieve their personal best.

Our intent is to provide an inspiring and engaging curriculum that enables children to develop their skills across the subjects and acquire and retain key knowledge and facts. Our curriculum is meticulously planned to promote a progression of skills across each subject area that are essential in enabling children to become independent and resourceful learners. They will empower children with transferable skills to become life-long learners, having ability to apply and build upon these skills into their high school years and beyond. As a vehicle for this focus on skill development, our school has a knowledge-engaged curriculum with a clear intent of what knowledge and facts children should acquire and commit to memory in conjunction with the National Curriculum.

The curriculum is ever changing and reflects local and national priorities and events, taking into account the needs of our pupils and local and wider community. Our priority is to raise aspirations and instil ambition in to all our children to enable them to maximise their life chances and strive to be successful in their chosen field in a competitive world. We ensure they are well prepared, and with confidence can go on to make positive contributions to society and be an asset to their local and national community.

At Ashton Primary School we are passionate about providing much more than an academic based curriculum. Nurturing and developing through a holistic approach and providing enriching opportunities is a passion of our staff.

Our curriculum is enhanced by providing a wide range of extra-curricular activities that extend the formal curriculum. The Ashton 100 identifies a range of activities which staff, children and parents have contributed to and which we feel are important in giving children all-round experiences. School excursions, visitors into school and extra-curricular clubs are purposely planned to widen children’s experiences and develop their transferrable skills. Through this we ensure that every child will encounter a wealth of enriching opportunities on their journey through our school

We strive to prepare our children for prosperous and successful futures. We want them to move onto the next phase of their lives with integrity and the personal skills to be strong, confident and honourable characters. We promote British Values, qualities and personal strengths to enable all of our children to be the very best they can. ‘My Personal Best’ embeds the key characteristics which will give children the tools they need to aspire to succeed, compete and excel in a competitive society and wider world.