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Useful Links


welcome to our class page! we hope that you find it useful.

The adults who work in Reception:

Mrs Carlisle (Teacher on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays)

Miss Shaw (Teacher on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays)

Mrs Sindha (Teaching Assistant in Reception every morning and some afternoons)

Mrs Marshall: Teaching assistant in Reception every day

In Reception we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage. This is made up of 7 areas of learning:

Communication and language     Physical development     Understanding the world     Literacy                             Mathematics     Understanding the world     Expressive arts and design                          Personal, social and emotional development

This half term our topics are 'Terrific teeth' and 'Farm'

We will be learning about the importance of oral health and having 'Terrific Teeth!' Did you know in Lancashire and Cumbria children's tooth decay is higher than many areas of England? With this in mind we want to promote oral health and help our children be educated about how to look after their teeth.  We will be learning about how to look after teeth and why it is important. We will also be learning about what a dentist does and how important it is to visit a dentist regularly.  Mrs. Rodgers who used to be a dental nurse will be talking to the class about oral hygiene and what her old job entailed. 

We will also be going on our exciting school trip to the farm and this will be our other topic this half term. We will learn all about the different animals you find on a farm and how to look after them.  

 What else are we learning about?

Understanding the World: We will be learning about different farm animals and their characteristics.  We will also be learning about how to look after our teeth.

Expressive arts and design: We will be learning how to draw using our observational skills and we will draw different farm animals.  We will be learning a variety of songs linked to farm animals and exploring farm animals sounds and how to recreate them with our voices and instruments.

PE: We will be learning how to play a variety of games using different skills such as throwing and catching.

RE: We will be learning about what buildings or places that are special to people.

Computing/ICT: Children will use various age appropriate software interweaved into other areas of the curriculum. 

PSHE: We are learning about how to manage our feelings and emotions in challenging situations.

Maths: We will continue to focus on the number system and the composition of numbers to 20. We will continue to count beyond 20.  Our knowledge of addition and subtraction will continue to grow.


Please see our half termly newsletter for more information: 



Book Bags:

Please bring your book bag to school every day. Books will be changed towards the end of the week (Thurs/Fri). However when possible we will hear children read in school so it is helpful to have book bags in school on a daily basis. 


Please ensure you hear your child read every day for 5 minutes and write a brief comment in the reading diary. Please return the diary to school with your child's book. This is very important as children who regularly practice at home make much better progress. Practise is essential for children to develop their reading skills and have chance to apply their growing phonics knowledge. Yor child will also have the opportunity to change their library book regularly in school so it is helpful

On class dojo we will put the phonic sounds we are learning that week along with any useful links to games/activities children may try at home. We also use class dojo to keep you informed about our learning and what we have been up to in class! 


PE day is Wednesday this half term. Children to come to school in PE kits with jogging bottoms and school jumpers. This is so we have more time with the coach!


If you need to talk to any of the staff from Reception please contact the office to make a telephone appointment or you can contact us via class dojo.