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Adverse Weather Conditions

Please read below for procedures in case of adverse weather conditions which may arise from snow/ice/flooding/high winds.

We will always endeavour to remain open unless circumstances make this impossible, and should adverse weather conditions arise during the school day we would keep children inside if this was felt necessary. 

Reasons for needing to close school due to adverse weather conditions may be: 

  •  allowing children to come to school would be considered dangerous.
  • There are not enough qualified staff to meet safe ratios of staff : pupils; some of our staff live out of the area, and whilst weather conditions around school may not seem too bad, sometimes the weather where staff live can make it difficult for them to get to school. 
  • Damage to school building or risk of damage which would be considered a risk to safety.

In such circumstances, once the decision has been made to close school we will inform you as as soon as possible by:

Banner on the home page of school website

Class Dojo

Local radio stations

Lancashire County Council School Closures